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News, happenings and goings on from the Old Fire Station, Oxford

Blog Who’s Who

Want to know who’s who on our blog?

We’ve got a fantastic team of regular writers keeping you up to date with news, happenings and goings on at the Old Fire Station and beyond. Fancy being one of our volunteer writers? Then get in touch.

Samuel Stensland
I’m an avid reader of literature and the arts, a keen poet, and a bit of a wanderer. I’ve been helping AOFS in various capacities for almost a year now, and now, at long last, am happy to attempt to conduct a healthily proactive blogspace full of reviews, interviews, comment and creativity. If you would like to contribute to the blog, or feel that you have any direct tips or debating points, please feel free to drop me an email at: samuel.stensland@oldfirestation.org.uk

Becci Curtis

Becci graduated from Aberystwyth University with a Master’s Degree in Postmodern Literature through which she fostered a love for empty spaces and neon signs. Currently a training yoga teacher and academic publisher, she plays the piano (badly), rock climbs (moderately) and dreams of running her own second-hand furniture workshop-come-bookshop-come-bakery. Becci lives and works in Oxford.
Twitter: @BecciCurtis1

In 2010 I took part in Democracy Village, a protest camp which occupied Parliament Square, and delved into the weird world of squatting and anarchism.
In 2012 I was thrown off a Creative Arts and Design Practice FdA at OCVC Banbury, volunteered at OX105FM where I had a weekly discussion programme about local issues, the arts, esoterica etc. Hear examples at mixcloud.com/dot-twenty-three.

I love experimental music, installations, non-violent gaming, art activism, graffiti, street art, the intersection between art, science and technology. I cover some of these topics on TheTechnoHippy.blogspot.com My personal quest is to find a way to meld all my interests into something beautiful.

Anais Higgins
I’m a theatre marketer turned producer with an interest in all things creative and dramatic happening in Oxford. I write reviews and record a weekly events podcast at Daily Info, as well as contributing to local events organisation and website Fe-line Women and very occasionally I also try to tap a few words out on my own blog.

Susannah Canning

I am Susannah Canning and I am currently in my third year at Oxford Brookes University studying Fine Art. I have a great passion for the contemporary visual arts amongst a wide array of culture, and am enjoying exploring and discovering the arts scene in the historic city of Oxford.


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