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Thoughts from the rehearsal room

Thoughts from The Fever rehearsal Room by Alice Malin


Thoughts in rehearsals for Wallace Shawn’s Obie Award-winning monologue The Fever.

 When The Fever, by American playwright Wallace Shawn, was written nearly twenty-five years ago, the Soviet Union was in its death-throes; the word ‘internet’ still meant nothing to the majority of people; and countries now well-known for their charming holiday destinations – or their bloody wars – didn’t exist. If the earth really was going to warm up, most people thought, it would be no bad thing: climate change would bring palm trees to Aberdeen and the tropics to Totnes. The world-map looked different, back in 1990 – but the play’s mapping of why and how we make the choices we make remains as relevant as it was a quarter of a century ago. Why, the play asks, do we plump for collective ignorance at the expense of individual responsibility? Why do we stick our heads in the…

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