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We now have a queue of dance teachers wanting to hire space for classes which is great.  But there are lots of clashes so how do we decide which classes take priority?  And if we fill the spaces with regular evening classes (which brings people and money into the building doing creative stuff) that means we can’t accommodate theatre and other companies who want the space for occasional week long runs.  Meanwhile we have very different styles of visual artists and crafts people wanting to exhibit in the gallery.  Are we all things to all people or do we have a particual leaning to a particular style or form?  ‘What’s your artistic policy?’ I hear you cry.  Well we have a vision which says we support emerging artists, showcase innovative art, include vulnerable people, are accessible to the public and generate income.  So that’s pretty well everything!  I wrote it so I can’t really complain.  Is it possible to offer something that is genuinely for everyone without it turning into being for no-one? Decisions, decisions….


One comment on “Conundrum

  1. xtine
    May 5, 2011

    Could you do classes on a termly basis (let’s say, 10 weeks) with a 2-week break in between for shows? Perhaps with a long (3 or 6-week) break during the winter and/or summer holidays, when people are more likely to miss classes anyway? That may help maximise space usage and accessibility for teachers/artists/events.

    In terms of prioritising classes, you could base your decisions on interest (which classes bring in the most people) or on income generation, or perhaps a lottery (within each dance style) if that seems like the most fair way to do it.

    As for exhibitions, I think having lots of different types of exhibits is a good way to get lots of different people interested and involved. You could group artists and crafters by theme within a ‘season’ (I’m not sure how often you plan to change exhibitions) or even just have a well-publicised programme so people know what to expect–I think people will come to see what interests them. It’s really down to establishing that the exhibits are changing, and then advertising properly, I think. Your artistic policy, based on your vision, is change and evolution–and I for one find that really exciting!

    Sorry for the rant, just came across this accidentally and thought I’d put in my two cents!

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