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I like it. What is it?

So my first blog.  Welcome to Arts at the Old Fire Station – long awaited and now on its way.  I’ve got the glorious title of director which sounds like I’ve got a big team of people to direct.  Well, for now, it’s just me BUT I’m surrounded by help from people with an amazing array of backgrounds all keen to make this work.  For example, this blog page has been put together by Miranda Laurence with help from Pete Cranston.  I’m still trying to understand how we are going to make sure the Old Fire Station does all the things we want from it but plans are beginning to form.  I’ve been talking with Emily Alexander from Launch Collaborative and she came up with the title of this blog which sums up the OFS.  It’s really exciting and innovative…but what exactly is it?  If you want to get involved and help work out what it is – send us an email.  Over the next few weeks I’ll tell you about all the people and organisations I’ve been meeting (Oxford is just packed full of creative folk), what we’re intending to do and how you can get involved.  We’ll also be slowly building up this site to give you more information.  If you know nothing at all about the Old Fire Station then click on the CRISIS link – there’s lots of good background about the project.  I particularly like the history page.  That’s because I like history.

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2 comments on “I like it. What is it?

  1. Sue Raikes
    April 5, 2011

    This looks great. Well done and thanks to all. The more I talk to people about this great project the more exciting it gets. It is amazing how many people have some contact with the Old Fire Station in some way in the past – but have no idea what is going on now. Love the history too

  2. Tony Buchanan
    May 15, 2011

    Well done Jeremy on your blog. As a member of the OFS project team I know that all the staff are working extremely hard to ensure that the OFS aims are met. The OFS will be a major part of the Oxford City strategy in supporting people with issues around homelessness and it’s contributory factors. Linking up with the supporting people’s projects in Oxford the OFS aims to ensure that clients are given the support that they need to find the right opportunities with finding employment and accommodation. The OFS in the coming months aims to speak with service users to establish what programmes they would like to attend and Jeremy Stafford has been working extremely hard to set-up the arts deparment with opportunities for people to build on their creative skills. Please support this essential project as it is a centre of excellence that is long needed for Oxford.

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